22 March 2012

SHINee (샤이니) - "Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note)" Music Video

Did ya hear the news, ShaWols? "SHINee's BACK!" ;)

So I'm still not sold 100% on the Sherlock mini-album (iTunes), but I do love a few of the songs - "Stranger", "Note", and this here song "Sherlock" (resulting from the best parts of the song "Note" + the best parts of the less powerful song "Clue") IS a good one...

What this song & video have going for them (:
  • It's got a catchy hook and the horn instrumentation is great
  • You can tell the boys love singing and dancing to it

  • There's a cute bull terrier in the video - but WHY does that bull terrier have road rash on his face? Has he been fighting? I want to hug him and take him away from the SHINee World that has left him scarred and battered!

  • The art direction of the video / the "Rooms"
  • MINHO. Nuff Said.

  • Minho's JEANS (DAMMMNNN BOY?!)

  • Taemin's top hat (Not a T.O.P hat, unfortunately ;)
    • Key waggin' her finger all over the place like she's Beyonce or something

  • *SPOILER ALERT!* Jessica from SNSD (Girls' Generation / 소시) is the 'elusive' ghost who leads the Hardy Boys to the jewellllssss!!!

  • Things in this video that make you go "Hmmm":
    • SHINee's acting
    • TAEMIN'S HAIR = WTF x 1,000,000,000 !?
    • Key waggin' her finger all over the place like she's Beyonce or something

      Overall, we give this song/video a solid  4.5/5                 ^____^

      The MV:

      All's well that ends well!
      Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!


      21 July 2011

      Summer Lovin'

      I had a LOT of fun making this playlist. There's a definite stylistic aural string tying all these songs together, and because the new wave and punk sound coming out of Germany and the UK at the time was so damn wild and sexy, the title of this playlist is... SUMMER RABIES.


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      03 May 2011

      YELLE w/ French Horn Rebellion - Safari Disco Club LIVE at Irving Plaza - April 30th, 2011

      On Saturday night the French pop singer YELLE (and her band) made her way to Irving Plaza in NYC along with French Horn Rebellion who opened the night.

      FHR finale right before Yelle came on:

      We saw Yelle back in November of last year when she was here, and though the show Saturday was almost identical in set list and performance, the new Safari Disco Club album had released (with much success) and everyone knew the songs this time around. That said, this show turned into a much bigger dance party than the November show. It also seemed like Yelle might have tapped into a younger teen audience with the new album...

      In contrast to the first album from Yelle (title: Pop Up) the new LP is more urgent, more confident and more musical. She raps less on this album, but with much greater effect. Another amazing direction this album takes is with regards to its inclusion of remixes. There are not one, not two, but THREE remixes on the album. One of the remixes ("Chimie Physique") is a complete departure from the original - with lyrics sung by a man in English (vs. Yelle's usual French). Somehow, the track is as good as, if not better than the original...

      Anyway - here's a smattering of videos I took on Saturday. As you'll see, Yelle brought nothing but smiles, energy, and fun to the stage. And her backup band members are cute to boot! Now the only complaint I have - WHY weren't the safari hats available at the merch stand?!

      Ce jeu:

      La Musique:

      Comme un enfant:

      C'est pas une vie:

      Que veux tu:

      Je t'aime,

      26 April 2011

      COROCET DJ GIG @ Bedlam for Pants Dance Presents: APRIL TROUSERS on 4/29/11

      Hey y'all

      I'll be DJing this Friday (4/29) at the new-ish bar Bedlam on Avenue C (betw. 3rd and 4th st.).

      2-FOR-1 WELL DRINKS from 10:30-11:30

      My set goes from 1:15-2ish

      You can expect to hear a very Pop- and Electropop-centric set... some Britney, maybe some Kylie, probably lots of new YELLE because I'm obsessed with Safari Disco Club and will be heading to see her live the next day (LiveNation Tickets for Saturday the 30th, YELLE @ Irving Plaza, NYC).

      Tell your mom, tell your sister, tell her boyfriend too. It's gonna be a fun night!

      24 April 2011

      KYLIE-'SPLOSION! Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour LIVE in Barcelona, Spain - 3/12/11

      Let's just dive in, shall we? As most of you know, I was lucky enough to visit Spain last month. Kylie was the bonus! For my traveling mate (B, you know who you are ;) Kylie was the REASON, Spain was the bonus.

      I took all of the videos below on my HD FlipVideo camera. Sorry about all the crowd noise, and my girlish giggling. If you were there, you'd understand - everybody got swept away! It was magical.

      The concert was on an insanely rainy Saturday night in the Olympic Village in the Olympic Stadium. Beautiful site, but VERY VERY DARK AND WET! We didn't get a cab until almost standing outside for an hour! YIKES. But it was worth it.


      I'm The One

      Confide in Me

      Cupid Boy

      What Do I Have To Do?

      SLOW - super awesome Burlesque version

      How Does It Feel In My Arms?

      Get Outta My Way


      Cover of Eurythmics There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)

      Love At First Sight/Can't Beat The Feeling Mash-up

      Interlude / On A Night Like This 1

      On A Night Like This 2

      FINALE - All The Lovers

      Please comment away! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed being there.

      12 August 2010

      New Goldfrapp "Believer" Tour Video

      Hi Guys. Sorry I've been quiet! I started a new job and am finally getting into the groove and things are settling down.

      Today started with a glitter bomb in my inbox: there's a new YouTube vid from Goldfrapp's camp via Lisa Gunning (AKA Alison's ladyfriend) that features the band performing "Believer" around the world, along with lots of silly and cute candid moments of the band/Alison.

      I hope you like it as much as I do... I think it really captures the band's essence- powerful imagery, glam-sleaze, and a wicked sense of humor.

      06 July 2010

      Announcement RE: Darkroom Tuesdays

      Dear Readers:

      I write with a heavy heart to let you all know that beginning with tonight's installment, I am no longer directly involved with The Darkroom on Tuesday nights.

      Though I will be continuing on as a semi-regular DJ at the Darkroom and all over NYC, neither my blog Blow Up The Water Cooler nor my @Corocet Twitter account will be spearheading the effort in terms of booking talent, promoting, and managing the weekly event.

      For what it's worth, Daddy got a pretty wicked (good) day job that (for now) requires travel and energy beyond what I'm able to manage if I were to keep on putting this party out every week. DJ Dooga AKA Adrian is going to continue on as Tuesday night promoter extraordinaire, and I expect some serious parties to result from this switch.

      Until we party again you can continue to follow me on Twitter and subscribe here for updates on music, fiction, events, news, UFOs/ETs, fashion, book reviews, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

      XOXO (or as MIA would say XXXO),

      21 May 2010

      Hello! Hello! Goldfrapp Video for "Alive"

      Just watched this for the first time and I had to post it right away.

      THIS is why I love Goldfrapp- scary as hell, funny, and feminist. At first it seems simple, but symbols take time to unpack in the mind folks.

      I swear it sounds like she's saying "i wanna kill ya tonight / i wanna kill ya tonight / i wanna kill ya tonight"

      She's such a riddler. MMMMMM

      09 May 2010

      BUTWC Presents: My Little Party with House of Stank - Tuesday 5/11

      This Tuesday at the Darkroom. Will. Be. Epic. We're going a little bit New York, a little bit Chicago...

      Blow Up The Water Cooler first came across House Of Stank a few months ago. I instantly fell in love with their track "Get Up, Yeah!" because it sounded so fresh and so clean like much of the modern stuff that's around now... but what I REALLY loved was how it reminded of me of my old partying days in the Chicago house & rave scene back in the late 90's/early 2000's. Flash forward 6 months to last Thursday when I heard Christy Love & W. Jeremy from House Of Stank DJ for my friends Jason & Chaz ("The Beat" is their monthly. Check it out! :) Suffice to say their set at Fat Baby blew my mind; I booked them that same night LOL

      We are UEBER,SUPER-DUPER excited for you to hear the intoxicating HOS sound. I KNOW you will instantly fall in love with their mix of oldschool jack and newschool flavor.

      Resident DJs
      DJ Dooga


      will be warming up the crowd and keeping things gravy.

      The always lovely RICARDO will be behind the bar.

      -OPEN VODKA BAR 11 PM -12 AM!

      -FREE 21+

      The Darkroom
      165 Ludlow Street (betw. Houston/Stanton)
      New York, NY 10002
      *Take the F train to 2nd Avenue, exit at 1st Avenue, head S.)

      03 May 2010

      BUTWC & TMJ Records Present: My Little Party 5/4/10

      Last week we got featured on GothamList. This week, we went ALL OUT!!!

      BUTWC (
      http://BlowUpTheWaterCooler.blogspot.com) teams up with TMJ Records (http://www.TuffStuffRadio.blogspot.com) to bring you:

      Isn't our horsey pretty? Her name is Anastasia. Anastasia THRIVES on dance music. Some of her absolute FAVES: indie pop, house, electro. This week Anastasia is our inspiration, you provide your sexy selves.


      10:30 PM - 12:00 AM -- DJ CHRIT (

      12:00 AM - 1:30 AM -- COROCET (

      1:30 AM - 3:30 AM -- DJ DOOGA (

      -FREE VODKA 11 PM - 12 AM!


      - NO COVER 21+


      The Darkroom is located at 165 Ludlow St., NY, NY 10002